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Idiom Quiz

Idioms are a very important part of vocabulary in any language so they can be a real challenge. Their meaning is not always very clear, as it is different from the ordinary meanings of the separate words. Here ' s a chance to check if you know the following idioms:

1. Be in the red ( informal )

If you are in the red it means:

a) you are in very good health

b) you have spent more money than you have in the bank

c) you have money in your account

2. be on the level ( informal )

When somebody says you are on the level they mean you are:

a) honest

b) well-mannered

c) conceited

3. a lost cause

If people say something is a lost cause they suggest:

a) it is difficult but can be done

b) it is a bad suggestion

c) it is an aim that cannot be achieved

4. be hot at / on sth ( informal )

When you are hot at something:

a) you are angry

b) you are impatient

c) you know a lot about the subject

5. give sb the green light ( informal )

It somebody gives you the green light :

a) they give you permission to start doing something

b) they want to warn you

c) they are against your plans

6. get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick ( informal )

If somebody says you ' ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick it means:

a) you are wrong

b) you are lying

c) you misunderstand what has been said

7. have a memory like a sieve ( informal )

If you have a memory like a sieve :

a) you remember things very well

b) you forget things easily

c) you need time to remember things

8. throw in the towel ( informal )

When you throw in the towel :

a) you admit you have been defeated and give up trying

b) you accept criticism

c) you wait until it ' s your turn to do something

9. turn a blind eye to sth

When you turn a blind eye to something

a) you treat the situation with a sense of humor

b) you examine the problem or the situation

c) you pretend not to notice the problem or the situation

10. have a soft spot for sb ( informal )

When people say you have a soft spot for somebody they mean:

a) you are in love with that person

b) you are very fond of the person, even when he/she doesn ' t behave well

c) you are critical of the person

Izabella Flis

FELBERG branch in Lublin


Correct answers: 1. b), 2. a), 3. c), 4. c), 5. a), 6. c), 7. b), 8. a), 9. c), 10. b)

Izabella Flis


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