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Basset Hound

Hello! Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Horacy and I belong to a rare breed which is called the basset hound. The word ‘ basset ' means ‘ low set. '

One day St Hubert ,who was then a happy-go-lucky young nobleman, set out to develop a new strain of hound dog in his kennel near the France - Belgium border.. The hounds of St Hubert were of a very distinct type. There are accounts that describe the dogs as black and tan with heavy heads, long ears, long bodies and short and heavy legs. When the abbots hunted small game, the thick ground cover of the Ardennes required a hunting dog to keep his nose steadily to the ground. And basset is good for that. It is not tiring for us to stay in this bent position for a long time.

Basset hounds are used to track foxes, rabbits and pheasants. Hunters can depend on me because I make my way easily through heavy ground cover. My nose is wonderfully keen. My ears help me by blowing the scent up from the ground toward my nose.

We are mild, obedient and gentle. Therefore we were not useful for killing game but only for trailing it.

People say we are sad-eyed and slow-moving dogs. Do you know the saying ‘ Looks are deceiving'?

Well, they are for us and especially for me. I love running and I daresay that my loving owners can ' t catch up with me when I want to have fun and play a joke on them.

As the years passed, St Hubert hounds became scattered over various parts of France.. By searching through English literature one can find references to the St Hubert hound or to hounds of this type which indicate that these dogs were imported into England as far back as the 15 th century. It ' s said that James IV of Scotland imported bassets to rout game. Although this breed was known in England for many years, it was never bred until the end of the 19 th century.

Bassets have a lot of admirers for they are quiet, sensible and attractive. We know that we are clowns. We make people laugh but at the same time we are really thoughtful and clever dogs. Bassets are very pleased with their achievements and enjoy their lessons. We are not active dogs unless on a hunting trip. We make ideal house dogs.. We are not the first to jump on and off the furniture. We are not the first to rush to the door when the bell rings. We are rather quiet and don ' t like barking too much. We are content to stay near our family. We love children, and although we are somewhat lazy dogs, when they come home we will come to life and join in games willingly. As companions we are affectionate. Our expression is sure to attract attention everywhere. We are not irritable and make no enemies among other dogs. Our mildness enables us to live with any kind of pet in true harmony, even rabbits (I've got one at home and I like him very much. However, the rabbit is too small for me to play with).

People view our ways as being stubborn and sluggish but you should know that a basset likes doing things in his own way and his own time. That ' s the way we are.

Małgorzata Langer


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