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A Place Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The Big Apple is the most popular nickname for one of the most exciting places in the world. However, in my opinion, the city that never sleeps is much better. I will never forget the day my friends took me to a beach. It was in Bedford, Queens. It was there I saw Manhattan at night, but it wasn’t an ordinary view. It was a view that made me fall in love with that city.

Those who don’t know the place might say it is like many other cosmopolitan cities. Maybe, but somebody who has never been there doesn’t know its magic. It is not restricted to the movies only. The Cinderella story can come true in NYC. People usually don’t realize that most romantic films are set in New York. For example, You’ve Got Mail, Maid in Manhattan, and Along Came Polly. When I was going to NYC for the first time I didn’t want to believe that it was a place where dreams come true. I met a man on the plane and he told me: “In New York everything is possible.” Back then I thought, “OK, but why in New York, and not anywhere else?” After just a few weeks I knew the man was right.

It is true that New York, like most US cities, doesn’t have as long a history as its European counterparts. There aren’t as many historic monuments there, but the old ones fit in with the modern buildings perfectly. For example, St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center. In summer you can eat dinner at Rockefeller Center, admiring the Cathedral and listening to the sound of falling water from the Prometheus Fountain. If you want to feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you should go shopping on 5th Avenue. In that town, where everybody is constantly in a rush, there is also a place where you can forget about everything. It is Central Park–a green asylum in the city.

In just few minutes the subway will take you to a totally different but equally beautiful place – the financial district. Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange are the first places that usually come to mind when you think about the Downtown. Wrong. There is a sea port which looks like a small, quiet town, and it is hard to believe that just a few blocks away you can see people frantically rushing around. You can’t miss the oldest bridge in the city – the Brooklyn Bridge, which is a major NY landmark. Battery Park is another important attraction for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You should also visit the renovated Winter Garden atrium which was severely damaged following the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

I will finish my trip in Times Square. This is the heart of New York City, most beautiful at dusk. Of course, there are more things worth seeing, the Metropolitan Museum and the Guggenheim Museum, Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building, the Bronx Zoo, the American Museum of Natural History, China Town, Soho, Broadway. The list is endless so I recommend taking a trip there.

Ilona Węgrzyn


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